SAP® Customer Experience


Our customer experience suite is based on an open and agile platform that provides intelligence and customer data management across your business: from sales, marketing, and commerce to customer service and supply chain.

Best-run businesses know that great products and services are no longer enough to keep loyal customers. To deliver and manage the exceptional experiences that their customers expect, CX leaders must listen, understand customers’ motivations, and act in the right moment. This is the new era of experience management.

SAP® Customer Data Cloud

Build trust through transparency and consent

Grow your audience and build trusted, personalized customer relationships based on transparency and control

SAP® Customer Data Cloud solutions help companies build lasting, trusted relationships with their customers by fueling personalized digital engagements with permission based, first-party data. Our cloud-native portfolio enables businesses to identify and engage consumers at scale, address data protection and consumer privacy compliance, and progressively build rich, unified customer profiles to power better marketing, sales, and services strategies.

With consumer trust at an all-time low, and new data protection regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effectively managing all aspects of consumer consent has never been more important. SAP Customer Data Cloud offers enterprise preference management capabilities that provide more transparency to consumers about what information they are sharing and what it is used for, while also giving them meaningful, self-service control of their personal data.

By enabling more trusted, personalized digital experiences, companies can transform compliance from business risk to market advantage – and that’s good for everyone.

Turn anonymous visitors into known, loyal customers with relationships that are built progressively on a customer’s own terms
Create a bond of trust with customers by putting customers in the driver’s seat through increased transparency and control of their data
Drive personalized experiences with trusted data by breaking down data silos to build rich, unified customer profiles from permission-based data, actionable across the enterprise

SAP® Marketing Cloud

Take the reins to drive revenue

Shape marketing strategy with a unified view of customers that delivers powerful insights

In the digital economy, customers have a wealth of information and alternatives at their fingertips. Their expectations surrounding the brand experience are high, and when unmet, the barriers to exit are low. It’s never been harder to find and keep the customers you need to drive growth. The SAP Marketing Cloud solution helps marketers take the reins on revenue by delivering the data and analytic horsepower marketing needs, without the complexity that slows it down.

Marketers typically struggle to understand their customers because data exists in silos across their organization. SAP Marketing Cloud brings together experience data and operational data from across the enterprise for a unified view of customers that delivers powerful insights to shape marketing strategy. It improves marketing’s ability to adapt to changing customer needs, using machine-driven intelligence to engage with pinpoint accuracy and personalization that respects preferences, delights customers, and builds trust. And it helps marketers understand what’s working and what needs work, with closed-loop marketing measurements and user-friendly business intelligence that enables fast, confident decision-making to optimize marketing performance and ROI.

Leverage better data to understand customers and sharpen marketing’s focus
Engage with speed and intelligence to deepen customer relationships
Optimize marketing performance to drive revenue and improve marketing’s seat at the table

SAP® Sales Cloud

Transform the sales experience

Give sales reps the tools and incentives they need to deliver information, quotes, contracts, and products to customers quickly and accurately

Sales velocity helps your sales reps sell more and sell faster, and in alignment with your company’s strategic goals and bottom line. But sales velocity is also closely linked with a positive customer experience.

How? It’s simple: improving the sales rep’s experience helps the customer’s experience. When sales reps have the tools to get relevant information to customers faster, deliver quotes faster, and process contracts faster, and the incentives to sell the right products faster, then customers tend to be happy as well.

The SAP Sales Cloud portfolio automates the quote-to-cash cycle. The quote and proposal process enable sales reps to configure quotes on complex offerings in minutes, not days. Contract lifecycle management takes a contract through to completion with the least amount of friction. Combined with the ability to monetize offers to meet your business objectives, sales performance management helps ensure territories and quotas are in sync and reps are motivated by topline objectives set by you. Sales automation has never been more intuitive and complete, while sales forecasting and pipeline management help sales teams plan and take action to get deals moving.

Create a frictionless buying experience
Accelerate sales planning
Increase CRM adoption

SAP® Commerce Cloud

Commerce, reinvented

It’s a one-stop platform that allows you to deploy in days or tailor for a perfect fit for your business

For years, SAP has been a leader in the commerce platform market. Its latest cloud-native products are once again reinventing commerce by providing great flexibility: from the smallest market to the largest enterprise across the globe, from a fast deployment in just a few days to a perfect fit for every business model – B2C, B2B, and B2B2C – and across industries and marketplaces. Based on cloud-native architecture, the SAP Commerce Cloud solution is open, connected, and API first, enabling you to extend at speed with an agile microservices architecture.

SAP Commerce Cloud and the new SAP Upscale Commerce solution go significantly further than personalization: delivering quality, joined-up experiences; seamlessly crossing channels; spanning front office to back office; and connecting demand and supply chains. Built-in artificial intelligence– powered merchandising enables you to sell more and generate more profit by delivering individually relevant experiences.

Together with Experience Management solutions from SAP (Qualtrics), SAP Commerce Cloud helps you listen to customers and optimize your approach, so customers always get quality experiences that deliver on your brand promise.

Reduce total cost of ownership quick to install, easy to maintain, and doesn’t require customization
Deliver quality commerce experiences that span channels and devices and the front office and back office
Sell more and generate more profit with built-in artificial intelligence and self-optimizing stores

SAP® Service Cloud

Deliver perfect service moments

Get instant experience feedback and take immediate action before it’s too late

Customer service is at the core of the customer experience. Every service moment is a moment of truth that puts your organization to the test. How quickly can you respond? How easy can you make it for your customers? How long will it take to get the problem solved to their satisfaction?

The SAP Service Cloud solution helps organizations deliver better customer experiences in the moments when it matters most – enabling effortless self-service, supporting omnichannel customer engagement, providing on-demand field service, and bridging the gap between the front line and your operational systems.

With embedded artificial intelligence (AI), you can automate and accelerate your service processes. Easy-to-build chatbots take care of routine and repetitive tasks, giving human service reps time to deal with complex inquiries. The Internet of Things and predictive maintenance enable the replacement of parts before they fail, keeping downtime to a minimum. And AI-powered “crowd service” makes waiting for the service technician a thing of the past.

Listening to your customers closes the loop: get instant experience feedback and take immediate action before it’s too late. The SAP Qualtrics Service CX solution provides proof that your service solution is working, and if it’s falling short, provides precise action items on how to fix it.

Engage your customers in the moments when it matters most to them with faster, more convenient, and more reliable service, turning them into advocates
Empower your frontline employees with the right tools, insight, intelligence, and training to become motivated experts and trusted advisors
Drive operational excellence from first contact to resolution, consistently delivering on your brand promise while reducing operating cost